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Our “x-factor” is our model which focuses on building the “whole person” and equipping them with the appropriate skills to make informed decisions regarding their careers. Research shows that a lot of people get into careers for all the wrong reasons and later find it difficult to sustain the pressures that may come as a result of having chosen the wrong career. As a matter of fact, a number of disputes that occur in many workplaces take place as a result of the fatigue and stress that emanates from a mismatch between people and their careers. Our website, is one of the leading global career sites and it is for the simple fact that we deliver on our promise. Tens of thousands of subscribers from all over the world have entrusted their review for career aptitude test with us and have gained immensely from their association with us, almost entirely for free.

An individual’s personality, strengths and interests have a lot to do with the level of success they are likely to achieve in a given career field and most importantly play a great role in determining the careers that best match them. By weighing the link between the personality traits of individuals and their preferred careers, we are able to help them make the best decisions even out of seemingly worst-case scenarios. Our model does not emphasize testing at the expense of training, but we combine both to help individuals identify their strong points and the careers that would best suit them.

We also help individuals to weigh for themselves and determine the work environments that would get them to give their maximum output. In the end, it is not only the employees but also the organizations that employ them that get to gain from the extra motivation that a worker gets when he gets his/her perfect career. Visit and be on your way to a fulfilling career.